tisdag 6 maj 2014

Put your hands on my chest because it might get rough.

I'm very sorry for not writing i just lost motivation for it but i'm going to try to get it back on track again, i don't know if a lot has happened but a few things i guess.

Yesterday there was an school trip & 3 students ( not including myself ) came. We drove to a place called Cherry Valley i think, it was really beautiful & i had fun. I ran around & played :3.
I got a lot of exercise i think mehehe. I didn't eat lunch there because well i didn't want nor could i.
I talked a lot with the other students & i had good time. I had a stick fight with my teacher ( i won duh i broke off his weak stick ). I got an ant in my hair & i screamed lel...

I skyped with him last Sunday for over an hour  ^^. It was really fun & we're supposed to skype again in 6 days because then he will be at his grandma again. Don't feel like going into details about it but i can't wait for the next time :P.

I don't know what's going on with me anymore i don't think so much i just do what i have to do, i feel empty, i feel empty when i'm not talking to him, he makes me feel okay i don't know..

I've started playing Pokemon Emerald again & i've ordered a thingy were you can download whatever game you want for free.

I don't know if i wanna go to school today, i feel really low & just not in the mood..
I really wanna cut but it's 10 am, ugh...

I got my new bed & it's just amazing, so big & comfy i love it. Jesse loves the bed.


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