tisdag 6 maj 2014

Are you sick, are you tired and you're feeling vain?

Two days ago i had a breakdown & well i couldn't take all if the pain so I just Gave up & relapsed. i cried for so long but at the same time i was chatting with the group on kik with the guys. It helped they made me laugh while i was still crying &  i felt better then i would if i was alone so i'd like to thank them even if they'll never read this. Our group is open about everything & we're all really supportive.
We all are so different but still in some way the same.
Anyway so yesterday we planned to video chat on Oovoo but everything didn't go as planned so it was only me & on other guy but for a short while it was a girl too, it was still fun, he showed me his hat collection he has crazy many hats hehe.
i even made some dirty jokes not that they were very dirty just a bit... We're planning to try again & to get some more people in this time. We have different time zone so it's hard to get everyone on in the same time but we make it work.
i now know about the surprise hihi he told me & showed me the surprise :3. It's really cool but I'll tell more when it's done.
I'm listening to Sew intricate while writing this, i just love him, he's amazing the best lyrics.
Omg my shoes came yesterday & they're amazing i love them! ( I wrote this last week i think so this happened a while ago )


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