torsdag 3 april 2014

I'm okay, i'm okay kinda being awkward socially.

I kinda "cut" it was more like many tiny scratches but i think it counts, i just wanted to see my blood & just to feel a bit of the feeling again..

Yeah well i gained 0.7 kg... & i just freaked, they want me not to see my weight, that i weigh myself with my back turned. It probably is a good idea but if i can't see my weight my parents can't either.
I've been really dizzy lately, like today i think i saw some tiny black spots & feel this pain in my head like it's sucking out the oxygen out of my brain... If that makes any sense.I don't know why but i've always had a low blood sugar like mom. To breakfast i had half a portion of oatmeal with one tiny banana & some raspberries.

I'm really exited about going to school today, to talk to some of the other girls there... Well i kinda asked her if we could bake together sometime, i hope she wants to, it seemed like it i think.
She's vegan & yesterday she had like massive cravings & she was like "i'm gonna break my vegan diet" i was like "It's a life style & no you can't, i won't let you!".
I saved her from herself, no but you know what i mean.

Today i'm gonna bake the most amazing chocolate cookies i ever tasted, to the art exhibition my cousins mom is having. I kinda ate a lot of cookies yesterday & well i feel really bad...

I met another really cute & hot guy on Meow, He's also from Israel but he looks more like asian,
He has some sexy piercings *wiggle eyebrows* & he's gonna turn 17 in 4 months & he got his own car.

School's in an hour & here i am babbling about hot guys & cookies, i have to get ready, i need to put on makeup, clothes & brush my hair & teeth!! AAAH i'm still here why?

He said something about going to travel to Germany on spring break & the he maybe can visit me? Whaat, like that he maybe can visit Sweden..? Omg omg omg.

My shoulders are hurting like a bitch & my legs. Our new Tv just came & it's really big...
127 cm, 50. & soon we're gonna buy my new king sized bed! YAAAY, i've been waiting my whole damn life for this moment.

My cut has healed & i can take a photo of it, like it's weird, no it looks like a scar...

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