söndag 6 april 2014

Cause i know who you are, you're a pinch of perfect a dash of worth it don't take your life.

Yesterday i met the perfect guy ever, we talked since 11 am to like 12 am or something...
He's gorgeous. Every time i open my my phone i see his damn perfect face because of some screenshots of him... Gah i start grinning like a damn fool. I can't post a pic because that wouldn't be so nice but trust me he's gourge!! :3 We have each others snapchat :3

My clothes for the day is some black net tights, my skirt & a Drop Dead crop top & it's fab.
 Today me & mom are going to look on some beds because i'm going to get a new bed king sized! Yay & we're also going to look on a carpet i like it's turquoise & a bit fluffy.

I think Panda's coming today but until later because she hadn't slept so good the past days.
My laptop has really low battery so have to stop now but i'll keep you guys updated on the guy :3

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