tisdag 18 mars 2014

What if i told you, things will never improve.

So yesterday was fun i made some oreos of course but not the big chocolate cake... So now there's so much frosting in the fridge. Mom bought us Sprite zero yay because we asked her to so now there's sprite in my room! Panda loves the oreos i made so that's good.
We went out before mom got home & after dinner were we went to a playground, i took of my jacket & my sweatshirt so were only in my short tank top, tights & shorts &, so i started swinging on the swing? yes. It was awesome & after a while i jumped down & ran around & danced & stuff.
I felt kinda dizzy & weird but i didn't care.


So i've gained 200 grams ( 0.2 kg ), i'm so surprised & well yeah i'll just leave it like that, we talked some i told them about a thing that happened in six grade nothing serious though it just came to my mind. I missed my psychologist time today so... Anyway today has been awful i haven't eaten so much because of al the guilt and the thoughts so i didn't went to school because i wasn't feeling good, this day my depression has been clinging to me like a snake or something.
I'm going to be at dads tomorrow & after tomorrow, dads birthday is on thursday so i'm probably going to bake something i hope. I don't know if you know but i got a new phone & i'm so happy about it, it's great & well now i'm going to be able to post better pictures on my kitten & else stuff.

That's Jesse she's about 6 months now i think & then there's my arm it's been healing pretty fast i think but we'll see how it looks when it's healed. 
Jesse's so pretty & i love her <3.


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