lördag 1 mars 2014

& this will be the first time in a week that i'll talk to you & i can't speak.

Oh my gosh today at school we baked petit choux, those french pastries. It took 2 hours so that was the only thing i did today. Nothing's going on today, it's late & my back is killing me right now.
Have been listening to music & playing Sims...

For dinner we ate butternut squash, salad & a piece of bread. 45 calories per 100 grams of butternut squash & it taste almost like sweet potato but a little different.
Panda didn't come today but she said she will come tomorrow & then i guess we  will have kimchi.

I really need to pee but i'm too lazy to go... Anyway i just MUST show a picture of my beautiful Milo Ventimiglia like omg he's so sweet & perfect i love that guy! <3

The first one is my fav i just- just he's so damn cute my baby, he's the one how has the role as Peter Petrelli in Heroes ( WATCH IT ). Me & mom are on season 3 & it's 4 seasons so yeah it's a bit left.
I'm gonna be so sad when it's over, like i need something...

I made it yesterday but you know everyday is a struggle & it's getting harder & harder & i don't know how long it will take before i relapse... Why couldn't things be easier? It's a stupid thing to want maybe but i just want one day to feel happy, not having a care in the world...



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