onsdag 26 mars 2014

Sometimes i break down give up everything but then i think of you, you're so strong.

I lost 0.6 kg, this day has been poop, a shitty day just everything & i don't even know why...

I'm pretty bored listening to music & i'm on an chat app called Meow...
Ugh yes i'm that pathetic.
He wrote to me first today but we didn't text much. My stomach hurts...
God i'm so boring i have nothing to say. So i'm probably not going to post this today because of how boring this is.


Alright it's Wednesday & i'm at dads... Ugh, mom will be working late today... I'm gonna ask dad if i can walk home from school... I know he won't let me but still.

On that app, the first thing this guy wrote to me was "What's wrong with you" i was like "what"
& he "nice" & i "?" and he "bye"... I kinda had a mini breakdown or something i just he's right. It was like a punch to the stomach. & yesterday there was a a guy who wrote "ew" & left...
Was it something with my face?

Anyway i'm thinking about blocking this guy i skyped with on every site i have him as a friend because well i just want him out of  my life, haha it's just much easier so. But i'll wait until the end f the week i think.

I'm giving up, with all of this i just don't know if i can do this. I'm eating much less i guess, i'm dreading lunch... Ugh but if i don't eat lunch i can't go to school & i want to.
But i know, i know it will just get worse if i keep doing like this but right now i don't care i want it worse, i want to cut cut cut, i miss it so bad, just thinking of it. I deserve to be miserable, i don't want to be happy, happy is a weird feeling that i don't want.

I need something but i don't know what.

Sew Intricate – Maybe Two, or Twenty


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