måndag 24 mars 2014

Some say it's better to fall asleep & disappear.

I'm eating less, like automatically just because i've gained but it's not a problem for me heh.
I barely ate anything for dinner because well i'm not hungry...
I've met a guy online & we skyped awhile ago, he's really cute & nice. So i'm waiting for him to come back if he didn't think i was too boring & ditched me lol.
I guess now i can say i have a guy life ( a life with a guy in it).
Yes me i know a guy. I'm still in chock. I was so nervous after we finished our call, my hands were shaking & my teeth... I'm so socially awkward... Well i hope he didn't lie to me because he doesn't want to chat with me... God i'm so weird, he told me i was pretty & beautiful... :3
& he thinks piercings are sexy :P.

Anyway today me & mom visited one of her friends & watched a movie.
Ehhh, nothing much has happened lately i guess nothing i can think of right now anyway.

I'm bored right now & i have to pee... So i guess i'm gonna do that soon.
 I have Kik now... haha just because.

Okay i'm sad now... It's been over an hour & nothing.


He just called me Baba, i mix between babe & baby, yes.


Well we had a fight so i don't know if he's still mad at me, i said something stupid so...
I don't know if hen wants to talk to me today as he said we could.
I think i hurt his feelings but well i hope he'll call or text me. God i'm a bitch why did i have to be so stupid...

I... Don't know he said that he still wants to speak to me & it says he's online on skype but i haven't said anything to me, so i'm just gonna give him some space & if he wants to chat he can..


Okay so today it's Monday & i just been to school, there i talked to this girl & i actually asked her if she had any hot guy friends & well she said she does so i'm hoping she maybe could find me one
 *wiggle eyebrows*. She asked like if i could start on her Karate but i can't you know.
& omg this new guy has started & he's so cute but the thing is he didn't even give me a second glance when he went out from the door ( he went past me )... I'm guessing that's not a good thing?

It's weigh-in in about 30 minutes & i hope i lost something at least... God mom brought up the apartment thing again that if i lose weight again we'll gonna live in that apartment & she said i should think about what we should do with the cats... I don't think it's gonna happen, well it can't happen.
I don't think there's any WI-FI...

Okay so this kinda long but i've been writing on it since Saturday i think? But i just haven't posted it any earlier... I'm getting lazy again, i'm sleeping more, i eat breakfast then go back to bed...
Well i barely eat any breakfast.

Sleeping With Sirens – Satellites


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