tisdag 11 mars 2014

I'll put your picture in a frame that stands at the side of my bed so whenever i get said i can stare at your face.

I couldn't eat a full portion of oatmeal but i took a piece of bread instead.
This isn't going good i don't know if this a good idea...

School's in two hours & i have nothing to do, i feel like baking but i know it won't be a good idea & i'm not even sure if i'm allowed anymore... I kinda need a sign to know i should do this, something that makes me wanna do this. I already feel like giving up & i've only had breakfast.

It would maybe been easier if i weren't alone in this, to know that there's more people who eats because they have to not because they want to. Just to be sure that i'm not the only one with anorexia who eats.
I know that they also eat but i just feel too fat, i mean there's people who weigh much less than i do.

Ugh i'm ranting again just ignore,
I couldn't sleep until over 1 am or something i just couldn't & i went up to pee a few times too.
I also woke up at 08:27... Gosh i haven't slept much & it's not good for your health...

Mayday Parade – Angels


2 kommentarer:

  1. jag önska ba att jag munde va där hos dig och krama dig ♡ jag vill bara att du blir bättre och jag vet att du kommer klara det ♡ men jag saknar dig skit mycket och älskar dig mest i hela världen ♡

    1. Awe du är så gullig önskar också att du var här <3, Jag älskar dig också glö inte det <3