måndag 17 mars 2014

I need a little room to breathe. You're making this tough on me when all i need is to be set free.

So yesterday it was Pandas birthday & i were at my cousins & i completely forgot, she called me & things just got awkward... I feel so bad & ashamed but i'm gonna make up for it today because i have a plan & i hope she'll be happy. & i also ordered a great present for her but i can't write it here in case she would read it. But it's awesome ( i hope ).

Dad gave me my new phone just now & i like it, it's quite big & slim so yeah, now i'm just gonna make it feel like it's mine, you know like downloading apps & stuff, background pic & most important MUSIC. But i have a memory card full with music so i don't need to start over again but i do need to download new songs.

So now i'm gonna go to the store & well buy stuff to some baking.
Weigh-in is tomorrow & i'm so scared i know i've gained weight but i have no clue how much i just don't know...

School is soon & well i'm hoping i could continue drawing on my mandala.
I don't feel like doing anything else.

Anyway after school dad's picking me up & dropping me off at home ( mom ) so i can continue planning until Panda comes. I don't think she'll read this today so i'm making healthy vegan oreos & a big ( 3 layered ) vegan chocolate cake also healthy ( no sugar, butter ).
I've made the frosting/cream to the both of them & the cookie to the oreos so when i get home i'm going to make the big cake.

My uncle ( moms brother ) is not feeling good after they separated, he's depressed & he's going to sell the house, when we were there he cried several times & i felt guilty, it was almost heart breaking idk...

You Me At Six – Room to Breathe


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