torsdag 6 mars 2014

Day 6 out of 10, Multi Family therapy.

So yeah, this day has been interesting, one of the girls who's really nice & well perfect, she has gained 15 kg in 4 months, that's 33 pounds. I mean i have gained like 3 kg from my lowest & i can't handle that. She's the strongest in the group to be honest. she said something really sweet, something like
" You're all beautiful but i wish to see you when you're at your best ". I'd just-she's just so kind...
For me & another girl it hasn't gone as well as for the others. The other girl got into the hospital in January. The others it has been better & i'm glad that they're better than before, i'd rather that they be feeling better then i feel, i'm not important.

To lunch there were a disgusting soup that i didn't eat so instead i ate a little salad & a small piece of bread.. & i threw a bit away when mom wasn't looking.

When we were in groups the sick ones. moms, dads & siblings, mom told me that someone in their group said that i looked thinner since the last time she saw in January. I wonder who it was?

I got to go to bed Jesse's waiting for me bai <3 Be kind to yourself!


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