torsdag 13 februari 2014

Wash the sorrow from off my skin & show me to be whole again.

Now i have The sims 3 Night life on my mac! Yay so much fun, i could screenshot something soon.
Yesterday i baked healthy vanilla cupcakes, so tasty but my camera doesn't work right now but maybe later. I'm going to tell her today at BUP, before school & then she will probably tell my parents at the next meeting... I'm really nervous, i was really close to tell her yesterday but she were busy.

I just showered so yeah i haven't done anything it's only 10 am...


I told her, i feel a little bit better but not until mom knows & that's not until tomorrow at 2 pm.
I can't believe ii actually did it, i worked up my courage to do it & know i'm trying to get clean to stop cutting because cutting won't help me with my problems & it's not pretty...

I have lost control over food again & i know i've gained weight probably tons of weight... Ugh i need to gain my control back,  i'm eating too much for my liking but i have to see tomorrow when i'm going to the weigh-in.
I can feel how fat my stomachs become, i hate it i just want it gone all of it!!



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