söndag 2 februari 2014

So give me a reason to keep holding on, something that makes me believe my life's gonna change

I went to the store when mom was on the computer watching a serie so she couldn't hear me, to buy Stevia. I guess i was out for a half an hour more or less, when i were at the store i just roomed around like i had money & i could buy whatever i wanted so i thought of all the things i wanted to buy, Nutella, candy, chocolate, cookies, ice cream but i came to my senses after a moment.
Out of the store with 300 grams of Stevia & some sugar-free gum. 

I think i'm going to make some raspberry curd soon, something healthy but sweet to sip on? Yeah suck on some cuuuurd. 

Right now i'm making chocolate banana granola, i know i know but i'm eating it for breakfast tomorrow with unsweetened almond milk. It's in the oven right now & i'm taking it out in 10 minutes.

So tomorrow morning mom's dropping me off dad because i'm going to be there Monday & Tuesday
( please no ), so i'm going to at dads place around 07:30 am... Oh god & that means i have to eat lunch before school that's 12:30 pm & i'm not going to eat lunch. So if i don't eat lunch there's no school for me... I really don't want to spend 2 extra hours at dads... He's gonna be so pissed.

I'm bringing my new album with me because dad likes it too & he got really big speakers down the basement like huge!

Panda's stopping by because i promised her to give her 2 cigarettes one of them because she gave me one & the other because she's out.& to give her Panda back 
 ( the one i bought for christmas but ordered in January ).

Weigh-in tomorrow wish me luck because i'm gonna need it. Hope i don't gain ugh but i'm prepared for it. 
 Jesse sleeping on the table <3


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