onsdag 26 februari 2014

I'm fat but i'm the only one who can see it.

Things's not good right now i don't even know if i can continue eating like this anymore, i'm thinking of making a meal plan for everyday, & it's specific things i'll eat & stuff.
It may take awhile for me to finish it & if i will i won't post it here because i don't want anyone to follow it.


So i've started making my meal plan, i know how many calories i'm gonna eat for everyday & i have decided on breakfast for Monday & a snack but not anything else. I'm gonna continue now but i'm having some problems with lunch & dinner, i have no clue what to have. I've been thinking of beans & something more but ugh.. Omg this is so much work i don't know if i can do this...
Plus how should i be able to cook my own dinner without mom stopping me... God what am i doing, this will never work I have to do this i just need to face mom & tell her that i will make my own food because i can't stand eating her food without knowing how much calories i eat.

It feels like i'll never finish, i haven't even done 1 day! & almost everyday has different calorie intake or whatever.  It seems too much to eat in one day but i have cut it down to 6 meals so on Monday i eat for about 900 calories. It feels so much but it shouldn't be i did online somewhere how many calories per day for extreme fat loss or some shit. If  i would follow my plan for one week i'm gonna eat 6510 calories... God it's sounds so much... Is it? Good i'm losing my mind i don't know how you should eat per day for a normal person... I'm gonna check it out right now how much i should eat.
Okay so one site says i should eat 1589 calories per day but i had to write down i were 18 years old.
& if i'm gonna gain 1 pound ( 0.45 kg ) a week i should eat 500 more per day... So i guess i won't eat too much if i follow my meal plan? On 3 days i eat around 900 calories, on 2 days i eat around 800 calories & on 2 days i eat around 1000 calories. That's about my meal plan. If i can do it.

 Okay this is how i got the basic of my meal plan but this is based on me my weight my height & age. 

This said another site how much i should eat, Dear kittens... 

Wow i need a break from this, school starts soon so i have to get ready & after that it's the meeting then my check-up.. i probably gained like 2kg.. God.

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