måndag 3 februari 2014

Gonna say this clear so you can get it straight, You don't know a thing about me.

At school i wad art i started to draw Eeyore ( i'll take a photo next time ) & i'm writing his name in bubble letters & a pretty background.
There was also an other girl there & we started talking ( with the teacher ) about animal killing what meat you actually eat. She's vegan & i told her i wanted to be vegan but that i'm just vegetarian then we talked about different vegan stuff.

Yes i ate lunch, dad has cooked some vegetable, zucchini, mushroom, tomato ) in water then he poured out the water & bla bla bla, there was a form of pasta to it but i didn't eat it.

I lost 0.2 kg, at the weigh-in, i really don't feel like writing about the short meeting today, maybe some other day ( not that it happened something ).

I got home awhile ago & had a snack because i had too & well it couldn't hurt too much.
So i made a smoothie of one banana, raspberries & water. Really tasty a really big serving too.

Such a pretty color with a blue straw. 

Oh yeah we're going to spend the night at my cousins at saturday! I'm really glad to meet them i miss them it's just so nice to talk to them. One of my cousins had Anorexia too for not so long ago, i think i wrote it a long time ago. & we're bringing both of our cats Jesse & Zelda ( yes the other cats name's Zelda lol ).  i can't wait for the weekend.

Ugh everyone is probably really disappointed in me because i keep losing weight & don't want to do anything about it, they probably want me dead or something. 

Of Mice & Men – Public Service Announcement  Ugh those lyrics i'm dead i love you guys <3


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