onsdag 26 februari 2014

Don't give a fuck if i cut my arm bleeding.

Okay so the meeting went okay i guess, nothing much happened, the only thing that's decided is that i'm not going back to my old school & that i'm staying at BUP school for the rest of the semester.
So that's good, i want to stay there as long as i can & i don't want to go back to my old school.
We've been talking about some school that's for people who needs extra support, i don't know what it's called in english...

Me & my teacher talked a little about different stuff before the meeting, he said that i maybe could use all the things i know about nutrition & health stuff for a good cause in the future like a dietician but you know it's just some thinking.

All right so my check up went surprisingly well for me i lost 1.1 kg,  wow like how is it even possible  
Mom was not happy & that makes me not so happy but still kinda happy about my weight loss.
But i still weigh too much...

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