tisdag 4 februari 2014

Can't promise that things won't be broken but i swear i'll never leave.

There's not gonna be a concert... Bye-bye All time low please come back next year then i have to be there! It's not enough time, i have too little money & i just it's too late, it's only stressing me out even more so it's just better to let it go.

Mom & dad has an meeting alone tomorrow at 3 pm, they're going to talk about how i should live & maybe about the apartment i really don't know maybe? So i'm alone for about an hour & i don't know what to do. Not really a problem i will probably listen to music & scream along ( yes i actually do that).

It's good to be home, it was not fun at dads but mom's working again at Thursday but i refuse to go back i will lock my room so she can't go in. I am probably making it seem like a bigger problem than it is but he just gets on my nerves & i can't stand being there.

I'm feeling like shit honestly, so fat & ugly...

Nothing's happening lately i continued drawing Eeyore & i'm done & i done his name in bubble letters so tomorrow i'm coloring it with my own pro-markers. Then it's the whole background thing & i have no clue what i should do... I'll think of it tomorrow.

Right now i'm actually trying to get out a blade, i've done this ones before & it's not easy... Don't do it please. I accidentally pressed my thumb too hard on the blade so i made a hole or flaked my skin... Did not hurt.
Omg it was so long ago i had such a sharp blade, it's just so sharp...

Sleeping With Sirens – Scene One - James Dean & Audrey Hepburn


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