tisdag 28 januari 2014

You're hanging on to failure, but the cause is comforting.

So the weigh-in was weird... no i was shocked i lost 0.9 kg & i have no idea why.
So now i have to rest more & mom says i can't eat ice cream because that makes me eat less food.
Good for me but ice cream is so good & she won't let me drink energy drink anymore. I feel like a baby that can't do whatever you want. I just don't understand how i could lost almost 1kg like it doesn't make sense. So because i lost that much i'm getting an check up on friday to see how it is. I just hope it wasn't a mistake so on friday i weigh 1 kg more...

To breakfast i eat baked banana bread oatmeal. 180 calories. It really tasted like banana bread, it was sweet from the banana & it warmed me up in a minute. So good. It's my favorite blog.

In school i started reading a new book, a love story i don't know what it's called in english but i'll look it up.

Of Mice And Men – Identity Disorder


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