tisdag 14 januari 2014

We say that it means the whole world but it means nothing at all.

So today me & Panda are going to the "movies". Mom gave me money, but we aren't going to the movies instead we're going to use those money to buy cigarettes... I know i feel bad for lying & using her money to buy that kinda stuff but we're in a emergency we have no money.

I just ate breakfast, a 100 calorie, raspberries & half a banana. It's pretty early 10 am, mom said we had to go up earlier so we can eat lunch before i go to the meeting because direct after i'm meeting Panda.

I've probably gained weight so i need to even it all out, i ate so much yesterday & i were a big mess... Ugh no control pig!

Well i skyped with Babbii & well i asked if i maybe could visit her in spring break, i can for her mother but mine is unsure because she says i have to be stable, like i don't keep losing weight.
So now i'm pretty unsure if i can go  & i don't know how late you can order a plain ticket.
& she wants to talk to my dad & when we're going to the meeting to see what she thinks.

It's early so i don't have anything more to say...


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