fredag 10 januari 2014

To save the heart that's been broken so close to screaming.

Sorry for not writing yesterday, i forgot my laptop in moms car. But here i am!
Yesterday dad & i played a lot of Rock Band until 02:00 am... So i slept about 5 hours, because school is at 9 on Fridays to 11 then i had an appointment with my physiotherapist, we talked & worked about my view of my body & i were measuring different objects & then my own body parts.
First my Over arm, thigh & my waist, on my thighs i measured over 10 cm too much. & about the same on my waist maybe even more.

This week has been awful, i have eaten junk food... Some cookies, a little ice cream...
Ugh & today i had my weigh-in, The only thing i can say is that i'm shocked, i lost 0.2 kg...
Even when i eat those things... My weight keeps dropping, i guess my appetite or something else.
The medical certificate my nurse ( ? ) write out yo my parents is going to be extended because it goes out the 21 January. She said that they have to because i'm losing weight and all.
So no work for mom...
Yesterday i came up with this really cheesy idea that i could make cupcakes & write in frosting on each cupcake " I love you mom ❤ " It's a banana muffin with chocolate frosting then i will make another frosting to write letters, if i even should... I don't know. It's so... Cheesy.
I have to think about it.

On Thursday i'm going to make chocolate cookies for my dad because he has to bring something to his work. & it has to be chocolate because it matches his beer ( home made ).
So yeah i love baking so i said that i could make ones because R eat all the cookies he bought...

Oh yeah, at the meeting we talked a lot about why i don't want to get better & said that i don't want it as it was before, with school & all... So yeah they think school is stopping me from getting better.
Mom thinks i'm scared & at Bup - school i'm afraid of finnish stuff i would think they will send me back to my normal/original.

I talked with the crafts teacher & he asked me if i wanted to do something, so i told him about my kitten who loves to climb, so i'm making a high scratching tree. I hope it will turn out good.
So i'm doing that every Wednesday one hour.

I will probably write again before i go to bed, the time is 17:30 here so yeah.

Mayday Parade – Angels


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  1. i think you should make those cupcakes, she would be so happy!! And btw, it´s cute that you bake for your mom<3<3 - noseman