torsdag 2 januari 2014

New Year

So well New years eve?.. Were pretty okay except i had a lot of guilt of what i eat, even if i didn't eat that much but i guess i had a bad day. Today was okay, to breakfast i ate a sandwich with cucumber.
In the afternoon i ate two small crispbread pieces, Then for dinner around 19 - 20:00 we made our own spring rolls, the filling were just some vegetables so it was healthy.
Well a while later i had cravings for some chocolate but i didn't eat any instead i took an apple. 
I noticed that it takes around a half an hour for me to eat one sandwich...

Me & Panda have been going out a few times today so i have burned some calories so i feel a little less guilty. My weigh-in is on Friday... I'm really nervous & i think i've gained some weight but mom thinks the opposite. How much i weigh will affect my eating, i really hope i lost some weight even that i know it's impossible & i know that's not the plan. But a girl can hope.

I only have one cigarette left... it sucks but we have money so problem solved.

& i haven't cut in like two days... I'm going crazy. In can't because Panda's spending the night until Friday & i don't want to cut when she's here...
Well basically i have scars on my thighs from last year but now i have on both of my wrist so yeah, this has been going on for a long time. My parents know that i have cut myself on my thighs but they think i've stopped because i didn't do it for a few months but then i just didn't care anymore. 


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