fredag 24 januari 2014

Say you're okay, i'm afraid that tomorrow seems to far away

I were supposed to be at dads today but i'm just so sick & tired of being there, so me & Panda went home. I talked to mom & she said that it was okay for us to be home alone ( she's not coming home ). 
The i called dad & explained to him that i didn't want to be there because it feels like his always irritated at me & i just don't feel welcomed at all. So we talked for about 13 minutes. & he agreed that we stay here.  But now we have to talk about this on the next meeting, no surprise really... Not looking forward to that.

So me & Panda cooked indian curry, chickpeas, spinach, tomato & spices. It tasted good, we toasted bread along with it. Now we're listening to Of mice & men, their new album just came out today!
Like i can't breath it's just so fucking good!! I'm in love, & i love their new singer Aaron Pauley like he's perfect, i loved him from the start he's just so cute & that voice, damn!

We bought 6 sugar-free energy drinks, 3 each & 1 coke zero. So yeah party wooo...

GAAAAAAAAH, sorry the album, it's just so GOOD! I'm having a moment kay?


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