söndag 12 januari 2014

Please be strong, Be strong for me.

Panda spent the night & my sleep was pretty bad, like i fell asleep around 03:00 & woke up 09:10 so yeah not so good. I had this weird dream too but yeah never mind.

At the meeting two days ago she wanted me to write a "sleep journal" so i'm doing it.
I'm writing the time i fell asleep & woke up, How my mode is from 1-10 & if i have a headache.
I have sleeping problems for a while probably more then a year, or maybe not i don't really know.

To breakfast today i ate frezeed raspberries that i warmed in the microwave, then i cubed some apples & one banana. 100 g raspberries is 40 calories, one apple without skin 55 & a medium banana is 105 calories so that's around 200 calories... ugh now i feel  disgusted but the good thing is that there's no fat & it's fruit/berries. Then we watched Adventure time, a couple of episodes ( 5 ). I love it!

Later we went to a supermarket, it takes around 30 minutes probably more to go there. So we've been out walking for more than an hour, burned some calories from that awful breakfast...
At the store we bought sugar-free energy drink.

2.5 calories per bottle so that's perfect :3

I really need to pee... There now i don't.

My back is struggling today especially the lower part of my back & my shoulder blades
Pain pain, there's only pain inside of me.

Well i skyped with my Babbii a while ago but she had to go but we're probably skyping tonight again.
I haven't seen her in 1 & a half years because she moved to a different country.

MESSAGE TO BABBII: ( Hii i'm talking bout you haha, i miss you <3, we're going to skype all night, no question. )

A pretty bland day, not so much to say anymore.

Memphis May Fire – Miles Away - feat. Kellin Quinn


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