måndag 20 januari 2014

My scars remind me that the past is real, I tear my heart open just to feel.

In school i watched the movie Carrie, the new but we haven't finished it yet we're seeing the rest tomorrow. I was at dads place for the day but now i'm home, i had to walk to school it took about 15 minutes & it's blowing like crazy... On the way oh home i smoked one & i walked by two girls from my grade, so awkward. 

Food has been bad, really bad & it's weigh-in tomorrow... Freaking out, i know that i've gained weight this time i'm 100 % sure so i'm ready to be ashamed here tomorrow... Please don't laugh if i've gained tons of weight, it's really the point, i'm supposed to gain weight it's just that i'm scared & not ready.

I bought a bandeau bra, peach colored, mom wanted me to buy one size bigger so it will fit me in the future. To be honest it falls down a bit when i walk... Like it glides down.

I did nothing when i was at my dad, we watched a movie about John Lennon it's called Nowhere Boy & the guy who plays John is hot so yeah, but most in the ending :3 

The meeting is really early 8:15... Ugh well i'm wishing myself good luck.

I'm having this massive explosive headache, it's the worst i've had yet. 
Hope it goes away for tomorrow if not i'm taking an aspirin. 

Not much to say just that i hate myself  & i wish that i could cut my stomach open & take it all out as usually...


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