måndag 27 januari 2014

Leave all the lights on & maybe i'll find my way back home.

We were at the vet almost 2 hours, they injected a blue liquid he didn't make a sound.
Slowly he got tired & tired, after awhile he didn't move at all but he still breathed.
I hold him, kissed him, smelled him, told i loved him & that i was sorry. I got teary two times but i didn't cry i just didn't want to there. But i'm crying now i feel bad for doing that, that i killed him then left him there after he died.. He' so cute & i just abandoned him for such a long time because i got sick & depressed so i didn't care or have the energy to take care of him in the right way. I feel sp guilty for putting him trough all that just because i didn't feel well. I'm second guessing if i did the right thing...
I miss him how could i do it? Why, i will never see him again & what if it hurt. I want him back...
But i can't i will never see him again & it's all my fault. I know it was for the best because he wasn't feeling well. 

At the picture he just died, he's the most perfect bunny you could have, i'm a murderer, this goes against what i believe in but it was the right thing, i hope.

R.I.P Peppsi <3 Hope you have it god in bunny heaven. 


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