torsdag 30 januari 2014

I know that someday you'll be sleeping, Darling, Likely dreaming off your pain.

OMG OMG I JUST GOT STUFF THAT I ORDERED! Restoring Force album ( Of mice & men )
My awesome soft hoodie & two posters! Ah so freaking happy that i got it so early because i don't live in the US. Yay.

To more boring stuff i'm at dads place... I think he thinks i'm going to sleep here & i am absolutely will not! I want to go home or even school just to be somewhere else, i feel so freaking uncomfortable right now... I have nothing to talk about & i don't even feel like talking. Listening to my new album is just fine.

I made two apples to breakfast & it was really tasty, instead of maple syrup i used coffee syrup with toffee taste.  I hope my dad won't cook lunch before school because i won't eat it. He's making a soup of different roots. I don't know exactly, yet...

School starts in two hours, i don't know what to do until then, maybe i can look at recipes. I actually did that yesterday, i fixed another map just for breakfast recipes & i'm also going to make a map for single serving recipes. Mom says she should forbid me for looking at food/recipes at the computer... But i want to.

Dad fixed his car so i don't have to walk to school, bummer. I need to exercise, walk of some fat i have around my body but no i'm not allowed to walk... It sucks, i still don't want to gain weight for tomorrow not worth it.


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  1. Inte ett dugg avundsjuk på Of Mice & Men albumet... hehehe. kram!