tisdag 28 januari 2014

I know i wasn't perfect but i kept trying.

I'm continuing watching Teen wolf because i kinda forgot finishing the last season so i'm at episode 13.
Then i have a few episodes left on Pretty little liars.  I love Teen wolf, Derek my favorite well & Stiles he's adorable, i miss my series. Last year on autumn holiday i watch 2 seasons of Teen wolf / they're were the only one out ) in a week, i just sat there & sometimes i have a bowl of snacks... That i hated myself for. But yeah i love watching series it's so cozy & you lay in bed all the time with tea & snuggle into your warm bed, maybe with you pet? Like Jesse!

Anyone else that watch one of those series? Or someone who got any suggestions? I suck at finding good stuff to watch. & now that i probably can't go on walks i have even more free time...

Here's a good picture that i  agree with, you may never be ready so why wait & be stuck in your own misery. The sooner you get starter the sooner you will be happy. <3


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