fredag 3 januari 2014


I got my ears pierced today around 15:00,it didn't hurt that much but a bit, right now it's throbbing a little nothing much.. The guy that pierced me was so nice! If i get another piercing i hope he will do it.

The weigh-in went okay i lost 0.7 kg, i know i know but i can't help it i felt so relieved. I was 100 % sure that i've gained weight because yesterday i eat a couple of cookies... & then i felt really guilty so i purged up my dinner i ate... I haven't purged in a little less than 2 months but now that i did i don't think i want to stop.

We are going to put face mask soon & listen to music at the same time, i really don't have so much to say so i guess this is it.


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