torsdag 16 januari 2014

Forget your scars we'll forget mine.

School was fine i had math for a while then religion about Sabbath.
The last half hour i made an sketch for the toy i'm making for Jesse.
And we talked a little about what tools & material to use.

Tomorrow school starts at 9 am & i'm going to bake some brownies, yay no learning!
So it's going to nice & relaxing, i have a really long & exhausting day tomorrow.
I start school from 9 am to 11 am, at 11 I'm going to Bup to meet my physiotherapist for an hour then 
me & mom are going to look on a house with my uncle who we're meeting on the way.
& i don't know how long that will take but i will be exhausting...

My stomach, back & head hurts, ugh not fun.
 I baked for dad some Twix bars & Chocolate crunch bars. That's chocolate with rice crisps.

I'm really tired & i just took a shower & before that i did some of the dishes & i didn't sleep so much last night either, i fell asleep around 3 am & woke up around 9 am so 6 hours total...

This week i had no control over food, i'm really scared that iv'e gained tons of weight, my weigh-in is on Wednesday i think... I got to get control over myself!

To breakfast i made carrot cake oatmeal, it's not a real cake that's just the name. It tasted fine but tomorrow is going to be a very low-calorie breakfast for this fatty. Som unsweetened almond milk ( 200 ml = 26 calories ) & some raspberries 100 grams = 40 calories so it's going to be under 100 calories!

I'm getting fat... I rather die than get fat... Stupid pig!

Mayday Parade – I Swear This Time I Mean It


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