torsdag 23 januari 2014

Don't want to reach for me do you? I mean nothing to you the little thing give you away.

I met with Panda around 8 o clock & we went up to the school roof that they're rebuilding, there sat we & talked & smoked. On the way home we took another.
Right when we got home she opened the present & like it's head is so damn big, so freaking cute!
A squishy panda with a scarf, i have to show a picture.

We ate some dinner then we took the bus to Pandas house because she ha to buy some groceries.
Right now it's 11:30 pm & we're in bed listening to music & drinking sugar-free energy drink.

Later we're going out through the window & we will probably go the the containers... heh.
& to take a walk of course & smoke duh.

I'd tap that. Watch the movie, it''s on Netflix. Eye-candy ;3


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