fredag 17 januari 2014

I can't believe a damn thing they say anymore.

Breakfast went good i made what i told you yesterday & sliced in some banana, mom wanted me to eat a sandwich but i didn't. Now it's 2 pm & so far everything's good.
To lunch i ate 2 sandwiches & 1 quorn ( vegetarian ) filé 50 calories per filé.
So i haven't even eaten 500 calories, it feels okay but i'm worried about sunday evening - Monday because then i'm going to dad & he always have cereals & crackers... It's so hard to resist the cereals it's foodgasm for my mouth.

We went to the store & i bought a Fun, Strawberry light, It's my favorite sooo good.

My back is killing me & i just want to punch my spine out! My stomach still hurts from time to time.

Weathers crazy here it's snowing & i really don't want snow right now... Mom & i watched an episode of Breaking bad recently, so damn good! I love Jesse like he's just amazing, my little baby.

Tomorrow i'm staying over at my moms friends place, i have know her for all of my life & it's going to be fun. She lives in an other city like 20 minutes from where i live. I hope she'll let me buy sugar-free energy drink :3. She's so nice & we got our older cat from her before she moved, there were a cat who had kittens by their steps by the house. So cute!
She finish work around 3 pm & she's actually in this city so she will pick me up.

Ugh i just remembered that i forgot to take my pills so i will have to do it now... Why it's so hard?
 I'm downloading The sims3 shh don't tell. I just hopes it works, i'm kinda of a loner & i love Sims.

Sleeping With Sirens – Scene Five - With Ears To See and Eyes To Hear


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  1. I play sims 3 too hahhahah!! Im so inlove with sims and have been since i was in 4th grade lol<3