onsdag 22 januari 2014

All you got to do is believe.

We bought really cool & cute fishes today, i don't know what they're called but they're so pretty & we got 2 fry for free, they're completely black.
We a´looked at cat tree toy & we're gonna make it we just need a cardboard that's round or something i don't know... I petted some cute bunnies, whistled to some birds & waved at fishes... I had fun... I love animals so stop judging me for acting like a five year old *pouts*

So today i thought it were going great & all but it totally didn't... Ugh, so basically there were candy at home ( no much but still ) & there were Digestive crackers... Ugh so not good...

But tomorrow has to be better or i will die of fatness no kidding!
Breakfast for tomorrow is an banana-pineapple smoothie. Hmm i'm going to try count without mom notice that i'm doing it. 100 grams of pineapple is 48 calories.
But i hope i even it out a bit because walked/run to school because i were late, then i walked home from school, from mom i walked to dad, then i walked from dad to  & then me & my mom went to the store. So i hope it's enough so i don't gain a thousand kilos.

Jesse is sleeping in our bed right under my pillow, so darn cute & she started to purr just because i walked to her without touching her!!! Awwwe.

Enough with my bullshit. Dad sucks, he gets irritated at me because i don't want to eat pancakes... Like jesus try to see it my way but he just don't get it. I'm just so tired of seeing him, just one more day at friday. My grandma is also coming so we're probably going to that restaurant i was telling you about. I hope they have some sort of salad on the menu & maybe diet coke.

But it's not for another day so i can relax at home.

Mom is going to call the veterinary tomorrow morning because that's the only time you can, Bummer.
& i'm going to clean my bunnies house/cage. Ugh nasty.

I just have to say this, i'm going to cut myself after i post this, i haven't done it in like two days! Ugh i'm dying here...

Asking Alexandria – Believe


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