söndag 26 januari 2014

All these scars from the war against ourselves, i'm living in a hell.

This day is total shit, i don't know how much i've eaten but it's a disaster.. Ugh i'm so damn fat, i can't do this anymore... Why is it so hard in the evening to just survive the day out? If i keep feeling like this & eating like this then i'm out i'm done. I've probably gained tons & what can i do?...
Ugh i'm so ready to die right now but no that's not gonna happen because no one wants to kill me.

Can someone give me a reason to keep fighting because i see no point.
I want to plunge a knife in my stomach just to end it right now.

I'm too ashamed to say what i've eaten, no one eats as much as i do, like fuck.

Sew Intricate – The War Against Ourselves


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