söndag 22 december 2013

Panda's coming today, Yay :3

My kitten slept in my bed & it was so cute, she slept beside me and she PURRED FOR THE FIRST TIME YAY...

She loves to bite in cords & climb, she's like a cute monkey haha. Our other cat is still pretty mad but i can't blame her. I feel kinda sorry for her, awe...

Well Panda's  coming today here & spending the night ( i think ).

My kitten kept me up pretty long i fell asleep around 02:30 - 03:00... Ugh & then she woke me up 06:40, she ate peed & snooped around in my room. So after 1h & a half we fell asleep...
I hope this night will be better... Probably not.

Mom said "don't forget to fill your tank" ( food ). Because i'm running up whenever my baby makes a sound... *blush* Right now she's beside me & licking her paw. *gushes*

Well i'm going to do some stupid things now, my mom's out right now & R is sleeping.

PS: I think he kinda likes the kitten hihi.
 My stupid hand got in the picture but who cares.. Cute ha.. She's looks much bigger in the picture... 


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