lördag 21 december 2013

New kitten.

Well today me & my mom got a new kitten, well it's mine, she's black & really tiny.
SO CUTE! I will take a photo later ( she's behind the TV ).

I haven't come up with a name yet & she's 12 weeks :3

Our other cat who's two years old is really mad... She sits under the table and growls & stuff..
But now she's walking around but she's still mad at me & won't let me pet her... *pouts*

When i pet my kitten she pushes her little head in my hand ( sooo frickin' cute ).
She's so tiny... Awe.

Today i ate a sandwich to breakfast & a while later an apple. & after we got home from getting my cat i ate another sandwich... Mom thinks i ate too little but i don't. Mom is cooking right now, we're going to eat gnocchi & some other stuff.

Moms friends came here today for a little while, They brought bread, but i just had breakfast so i didn't eat.

Yesterday night was kinda baad... Well i cried a little like. I've been on "recovery" or whatever in 2 months but it feels like 4 months & i'm just so tired of doing this... I just want to disappear,
i'm tired, so tired.
Mom let me sleep in her bed yesterday so yeah. There's so much going on right now & i usually don't think about it at all... Or i try to.

Well i'm still feeling kinda down, except from my new kitten!


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