söndag 29 december 2013

I can't drown my demons they know how to swim.

Panda spent the night here, we didn't do anything special so yeah.

My thoughts are getting worse again & i don't really know how much i can take before i break...
I'm so close to giving up, if one thing happen i probably snap & go down to my even darker hole again.

Yesterday i got my Eeyore Kigurumi & i love it, but it's too big so the tail is almost touching the ground.

I will take a picture when i feel like it because it's really shitty now, December has been really shitty,Novembers been shitty & this year has been the shittiest. That might sound kinda weird if someone would read this... But i don't care, i don't care about anything.

And yeah i got my grades through male a couple of days ago & i'm gonna do a short post about them & stuff...

Tomorrow my mom is calling a piercing studio to book a time ( i think ) so i can get an Industrial piercing, if you don't know what it is look it up :3 I hope i get an appointment this week...

My lips are dry, my back hurts & i'm so tired i slept bad.
& can't find my wheat warmer or whatever you call it.

I hope me & my mom can watch Breaking Bad today, we've had some problems with the cords & stuff.

I hope you had a better christmas then i did, soon it's 2014... i'm not doing anything on New year, don't feel like it & well even if i would want to theres nothing to do.

Mom also think that i'm feeling "worse" & that i'm eating less again... It's true but i don't know why i'm feeling like this. I'm taking my stupid pills but i don't feel better, i have bad thoughts.

I just want to throw them away to never see those green-yellow pills again.

I feel like crying but no tears are coming, i don't cry much, it's more numb & like i'm in a bubble with my pain all alone. There's no way out , i can't escape because i have to fight but i'm losing the battle.

Bring Me The Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart


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