torsdag 19 december 2013

Cleaning Day...

The last day of school was... well weird or maybe not but it was okay. There were gingerbread cookies, chocolate, saffron buns & soda. We sang some christmas songs ( note me but others ).
Later the students ( yay me ) got presents from the teachers, a book "The 100 miracles", the book is about places all around the world such like Great Wall Of China, The Niagara falls and 98 more haha.

Ugh i ate a little chocolate & a cookie... I wasn't planning on eating anything there but i got such a craving & like it's chocolate... I hate myself, i shouldn't have done it but i guess i burned some calories while cleaning my room? I hope so. I kinda promised/forced myself not to eat anything unhealthy like candy until 23 December when i will celebrate Christmas with my dad & brother, He's 18.
& then on the actual Christmas day i'm going to spend it with my mom & brother.
Then the 26th my cousins are coming down & one of them is bringing along his girlfriend.
He's like 21? & one is 19 & the youngest is 18. They're all like really nice & we know each other well so it won't be awkward or anything. 

So on the 26th we are going to have a gingerbread house competition, we are three in each group and we have to make a cool building,animal, human? ( like anything we want ).
& the group who has the best "house" wins a price and stuff...
My group is with my oldest cousin & My brother, we can call him R, kay? Yay! 
But i won't eat anything unhealthy until Christmas or maybe not even then, i don't deserve it.
After school me & my mom went to the supermarket, i bought high knee socks, they're purple with two black stripes around the foot. ( I show you guys a picture ). And we bought like THREE boxes of CHOCOLATE ( it's for Christmas). I am not going to eat chocolate, chocolate is really hard for me to eat but when i get cravings i just don't care about the consequences... 
Am i the only one who is like really uncomfortable eating around other people, it feels like they're judging me and my food like " But she's anorexic why's she's eating?", i know the don't think like that but i can't help but.. i don't know... I'll shut up now.
I made a sandwich around 2-3 Pm with salad, tomato,paprika ( you can say paprika right? ), cheese & i drank sugar-free  strawberry juice ( 2 calories per 250 ml ). 
I cleaned out my room, threw away stuff & putt stuff in boxes/drawer. Then i vacuumed the carpet & floor, duh. My bunny is really messy & he's the one who makes my room dirty... His name is Peppsi like the soda but with two "p".  If anyone was wondering... 
  I'll show a picture sometime.

I am waiting for a call from someone who's selling a gray kitten that i want.
& the women said she were going to call back in a few days... So i guess she will call today if not my mom will call & ask her.


Cute ha? I hope she will give it to me, there are several other people who want her... Buuuh :0

Well i blabbed all too long and bored you guys out you probably didn't even read everything haha.
It's OK :3 I know i'm boring... Sorry i'll shut up now.

My sock.( Ugh i know my leg looks fat, i know ).


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