onsdag 25 december 2013

Big fat pig with nasty wrists.

Well eh we went to Malmö & i bought a drink with melon flavor, only 3 calories for the whole bottle    ( 500 ml ). It tasted weird but not disgusting.
There were an old man 30-40 years old who asked us if we're together and she said "no" & i was like "unfortunately"... Then she laughed her ass off. We didn't do so much there, it was cold...

Right now i'm in my bed & listening to music & i just found the perfect gift for Panda... She's nagging me about it ( she wants to know what it is ) BUT SHE WILL NEVER KNOW... O.o

Yeah... right

Well my day hasn't been so special...

I do have a meeting on the 27th but i hope i can change date or something... I don't wanna go.
I'm so afraid that i have gained weight & i just want to wait a week when will have just eaten healthy stuff...  I'm so disgusting, a big fat pig... With nasty wrists.

Okay so i'm chatting with her right know & i'm going to say what i'm getting her... I CAN'T HELP IT!
I just, it's hard to say no kai?

I'm really crossing my fingers for tomorrow, that i won't eat something unhealthy, i should eat an apple or something instead. Damn i'm smart. Or i could just drink myself nauseous with water.



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