onsdag 18 december 2013

*An Awkward Hello*

Okay so i will do the "story telling" tomorrow i guess, because i'm with my best friend right now
& it's late ( 22:20 )... We took a walk and a smoke, or maybe several...  And we met one of Panda's friends. It's so frickin' cold, ugh. 

Well today i've been in "school", it's like a school for people who have some problems and such.
So i go to school 2 hours a day, The first hour i read a classic christmas short story & then we saw the "movie" that was 23 minutes long. Then the other hour i helped them bake  ( it's last day of school tomorrow), and I'll have to finish the book Carrie by Steven Hawking until next semester. 

The posts won't be this boring it's just the first one & you will found more about me tomorrow.


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